Trainer Rebecca-Louise Smith of demonstrates how to do a dumbbell wood chop. A woodchop is a great functional exercise for the core and specifically... Show Me >

Taking time away from the tennis court, Serena Williams garnered herself a little added exposure by covering the May 2014 issue of Fitness magazine. While rocking a few... Show Me >

Rebecca Louise-Smith of demonstrates five ab exercises to help define your core. Show Me >

Sean Callahan of with the 150 rep challenge. Show Me >

Despite yoga’s myriad health residuals, it boasts pretty great physical benefits too. In yoga you use your own body weight, and as you work to stabilize in each pose,... Show Me >

Everybody is trying to find the magic pill, magic supplement and the magic workout to lose fat and unwanted weight. Before you find the best solution that works for you... Show Me >

Ted McDonald of demonstrating some Yoga movements that help can help cyclists stretch and recover. Show Me >

Richard Maillard of performing outdoor hill sprints. Show Me >

Tanner Martty of demonstrating the outdoor kettle ball throw. Show Me >

Water is one of the most abundant and important substances in your body and it makes up 55 to 75 percent or your total body-weight. The food you eat contains roughly... Show Me >

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Trainer Rebecca-Louise Smith of demonstrates how... More >

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Obi Obadike of demonstrating the squat salute... More >

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